Dead Clouds In Your Pockets

Bogeyman’s Grin

Welcome To The Sun

Broken Toy

Never Say Goodbye

End Is A Start

When She Comes

Washing Machine

Burnt My Home

Dead Clouds In Your Pockets
To be honest, I am not here.
The words you speak I cannot hear.
Your lips are ghosts in black and white,
Like an old film brings out delight
And lies / and waves
Good byes to all
Them slaves.

This is a joke you love to tell
Nobody laughs but you don’t care
It’s about power, oh boy you swell,
We need some dreams for you to spare
No lies / just waves.
But ties us all
And saves

Refrain 1
All your clouds for you to sell
And your / pockets down they have a smell
Dead clouds / in your pockets might sell well
But hear / There is sunshine down in mine.
I have my way
I am away.
Please don’t see me.
Please don’t hear me.
I’m not here.

Bogeyman’s grin
Here all by myself, wait’n for the moon to rise,
Gators all around, look like a bunch of flies,
Load your gun, dad said, and don’t miss this time
If you wish him dead, prearrange your crime.

Refrain :
A knife,
A polished grin,
When they see me come
I don’t look mean.
I see the target
A bogeyman
Or so he thinks for it’s who I am
Ain’t hard to get
Ain’t hard to kill
For I’m the bogeyman and I go for a chill.

Finger on the trigger, blood about to spill,
Cat’s eyes pierce the night, I’m just lying still.

Grab him by the neck, he’s down in the plants
My blade starts to dig and he wets his pants.

pont :
Yeah I’m talkin’ to you.
You will only take your
memories down
into your grave

Welcome To The Sun

Here on the sand
hearing my soul
feeling so small
losing control

today I awake
in a hole and
people live
Up above

Here on the sand
Listen to the voice
Saying to me to
Follow her call

She says : « you know
How to fly
How to reach
The way to the sun »

Let’s build a wall to jump to somewhere else
Give me a leg up, we are going to space
Don’t worry my friend, we don’t need to keep the pain,
Leave ’em time to those who like counting

No matter if you are lower than the sand
The pretty voice shows you the way to the land
A place where light doesn’t burn at all
welcome into your home , welcome into the sun

If I die, don’t forget you’re welcome into the sun
Open your soul, my son, and let’s get through the night
No matter if you are lower than the sand
the pretty voice is yours and I am inside the sun welcome into your home, welcome into the sun.

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